7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Refresh Your Space

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Hello Lovelies,

Looking to give your living space a facelift without breaking the bank? Check out these seven budget-friendly ways to refresh your space and breathe new life into your home décor. From decluttering to repurposing items you already own, these simple tips will transform your space and make it feel new again. Sometimes, we get bored with how our rooms appear and need a change. Items tend to sneak in and take over without noticing, and suddenly, we wonder how they got there. Our rooms need refreshing after we’ve been in our homes for a while. Don’t settle for a stale living environment. Try out these ideas to reinvigorate your surroundings without any or minimal cost. Don’t settle for a stale living environment.

1. “Editing” is an excellent way of refreshing a room without cost or much effort. Editing means looking at your room critically and eliminating the pieces that distract from those pieces that you really love. For instance, empty everything from a bookshelf and look at each piece to ask yourself why it is there. Maybe it had nowhere else to go, and it landed on the shelf for no apparent reason. Consider rearranging your books differently by removing the paper jackets: all blues together, all whites, blacks, red, etc. You get the idea. Think about placing each item in a different place. It may look better in another room, in a different space. I’m simply asking you to move them around purposefully and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Rearrange Your Furniture. This has been my go-to refresh since childhood! I do this more often than most do because I get bored of my surroundings. When I was single, I could be found moving furniture at any hour of the day, sometimes at midnight on a weekend. It is slightly more difficult now that I am married. I consider Ollin’s tastes; he is happier with things remaining where they are. Yet, I prevail.

When you want a room to feel new, rearrange the furniture before shopping. Sometimes, moving one piece of furniture in the room or multiple pieces makes all the difference. Moving a piece to another room or swapping pieces can work. This alone can satisfy your longing for a change of view. I do this whenever I want to shake things up, and it helps fight my urge to buy something new. You’ll love the outcome of seeing your furniture in a unique setting and light. My advice is to try variations until you find something that works. Like the first idea, swapping select furniture between rooms instantly refreshes multiple spaces.

3. Give Your Walls a New Color. Painting is the fastest and least expensive way to transform a space. Want cozy? Try a dark, moody hue, such as Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams, one of my favorites and the color trend for 2024. If you’re ready for a breath of fresh air, use light and bright colors like Limitless from Glidden. Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams is another lovely shade.

4. Change Your Artwork. Make these changes seasonally or just because you feel the need. The images and colors we hang on our walls significantly impact how a room and its inhabitants feel. Hanging up your artwork will help you reflect what you’re currently loving. I bought two 18×24 blank canvases ($10) and a small can of paint ($10) to create these abstracts. Incorporate them in a family gallery or as a stand-alone. I photographed this of a village in Lake Como. You can purchase a copy here.

Budget-friendly decorating

5. Buy a Plant. When I say “buy a plant,” I mean a statement piece like a small olive tree or a fiddle leaf fern. Somewhere between four and six feet can have quite a wallop for little money. Costa Farms via Amazon has a 5-foot size for under $90 and comes right to your front door. If you are happy to watch it grow from a 2-foot height, they can be had for about $25. Couple either one with a black pot for around $25 and have a winning addition to any room. The smaller one will look smashing on a credenza until it grows another 14″ or so.
No green thumb? Try a life-like imposter such as this olive tree or ficus tree.

6. Switch your lamps. Move your lamps around from one room to another. Now may be the time to buy new ones. A few weeks ago, I purchased lighter color lamps with a wooden base that completely changed the bedroom. The wood added texture; the shade is white vs. the black one that topped a taller gold lamp that was not the correct scale for the room. It came with Ollin when we married in 2017, and I am just now getting around to changing it. He agrees that they fit better.

7. Shop Your Home. You must know by now that I’m all about switching items from one room to another. I often pass through a room and spot a vase, small chair, or even a rug that works better in another room. Just this small change adds something special to the new room. Feel free to do this with knick-knacks, artwork, or almost anything.

Leave your ideas in the comments. I’d love to hear about your successes and ideas!









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