Are you disheartened by your cluttered and disorganized closet? Has turning around and setting fire to it crossed your mind because the thought of cleaning it is overwhelming?
Keeping your closet tidy can be daunting, especially if you love to shop, like I do, and have a lot of clothes and limited space. However, with some effort and organization, you can keep your closet looking neat all year round. Fear not; these simple tips and tricks can keep your wardrobe tidy!

1. Start by decluttering

Step one for keeping your closet tidy, and most important is to declutter. There is no point in organizing things you don’t like, want or need. Sort everything out of your closet into three piles: keep, donate/sell, and toss.

Get rid of any clothes you haven’t worn in the past year or that don’t fit you anymore. Be honest with yourself and only keep items you wear regularly that make you feel good. Things damaged, stained, or you haven’t worn in over a year should be donated or tossed. If you need help deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, try the hanger trick. Turn all your hangers around so they face the other way. Whenever you wear something, turn the hanger back the right way. After a few months, you’ll be able to see what you’re wearing and what you’re not.

2. Organize your clothes by category

Once you’ve decluttered your closet, organize your clothes by category. Group similar items together, such as all your pants, skirts, blouses, etc. This way, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for more easily. Next, fold your pants and jeans and place them on shelves or drawers. Maximize your storage space and easily find your belongings by using drawer dividers.
Invest in the right hangers for your clothes. For example, use slimline hangers for shirts and blouses and padded hangers for delicate fabrics like silk and cashmere. Also, remove plastic and wire hangers from dry cleaning and rehang items on their designated hangers. This will help to keep your clothes in good condition and prevent them from getting creased or misshapen.

Accessories can be challenging to keep organized, but plenty of solutions exist. Use a hanging jewelry organizer for necklaces and bracelets and a clear acrylic box for earrings and rings. You can hang scarves and belts on hooks or store them in a drawer.

3. Store out-of-season clothes

If you need more space in your closet for all your clothes, store out-of-season clothes in boxes or vacuum-sealed bags. This frees up room in your wardrobe and makes finding what you’re looking for easier.

4. Keep it tidy

Make sure you put everything back in its place after you’ve worn it. Take the time to fold or hang clothes properly rather than shoving them to the back of the closet or on a shelf. This may seem small, but it can make a big difference in keeping your wardrobe tidy. If you’re in a rush and need more time to put everything away correctly, at least hang it up on a hook or in a designated spot until you have the time to do it right.

When something new comes in, something old should go out.

Finally, make a habit of regularly going through your clothes and getting rid of items you no longer wear or no longer fit at least twice a year. This will prevent clutter and keep your closet tidy and organized. Following these simple tips, you can keep your closet neat and clean all year round. Happy organizing!

Following these simple tips, you can keep your closet tidy and make getting dressed in the morning a breeze. Happy organizing!

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