Ten Space-Saving Ideas for Your Kitchen

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Clear your kitchen counter with these ten space-saving ideas for your kitchen.

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Do you dream of a kitchen where you can cook up a storm without being hindered by cluttered countertops and limited storage space? These ten space-saving ideas for your kitchen will utilize the often-overlooked space below cabinets and provide extra storage options.

1. Install pull-out drawers: Adding pull-out drawers under your cabinets can create additional storage space and make it easier to access frequently used pots and pans.

2. Use a magnetic strip: Mounting a magnetic strip under your cabinets can provide a convenient and space-saving way to store knives and other metal kitchen tools.

3. Hang a paper towel holder: Keep your paper towels within easy reach by installing a paper towel holder under your cabinets.

4. Add a spice rack: Save counter space by installing a wall spice rack and having spices, among other things, handy up the cooking satisfaction meter. So, go ahead and unlock your inner chef.

5. Install a wine glass rack: Keep your wine glasses within easy reach and free up cabinet space by installing a wine glass rack under your cabinets.

6. Task lighting: Kitchen task lighting provides proper illumination when working in the kitchen, such as cooking on the stove or preparing meals on the countertop. If using pucks (round) ensure one puck light for every 8 to 12 inches of cabinet space to avoid uneven lighting.
Strip lights should be installed toward the front of the underneath.

7. Cabinet door organizers: Install an organizer on the door under your sink.

8. Banana hook and basket: The basket prevents the bananas from ripening unevenly and bruising. To prevent bananas from ripening too quickly, wrap their stems with cellophane. The stem is the main source of ethylene gas, which is responsible for the rapid ripening of bananas. Covering the stems with plastic wrap can slow down the release of this gas. I mention this to everyone I see buying bananas because it works>

9. Mounted appliances: Small appliances like microwaves, coffeemakers, and toasters are ideal for under-mounts or placed on a small shelf.

10. Hang your pots and pans: There are several ways to do this, either with a hanging bar or suspended from the ceiling.

Utilizing the space under your cabinets is a great space-saving idea for your kitchen. It can also create a more functional and stylish kitchen without sacrificing organization. Try these under-cabinet space-saving ideas for a more efficient and enjoyable cooking experience!

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Products I use/suggest:

Pull out drawers for under kitchen or bathroom sink
Magnetic strip for knives and utensils
Paper Towel Holder is self-adhesive or screw
Expandable Spice Rack This is one of several types depending on your space requirements/limitations: circular, hanging for door or wall or hanging under cabinet.
Wine Glass Rack This one is installed under the counter with screws. Other options are free-standing or under counter hanging (without the need for screws.)
Task Lighting Pucks
Task Lighting Strips
Cabinet Door Organizers This one comes in clear plastic, so tabs over the door are less visible. Plus, fits tight against door and won’t bang.
Banana Hook & Basket I like the style of this one. With so much room it will encourage you to buy and eat more fruit.
Pots and Pans Hook


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