Eliminate Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

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Are you tired of looking like you haven’t slept in days because of the pesky dark circles under your eyes? They can make even the most well-rested person appear worn down. Since it is one of the most common cosmetic complaints, and I notice it under my eyes some days, let me share some practical tips I found while researching this annoying problem and happily pass along some information to regain your bright and youthful look.

I could find no real cause as to why people get dark circles under their eyes. While skin darkening under your eyes doesn’t usually point to an underlying medical problem, conditions like eczema, melasma, and allergies can contribute to it. The unlucky sometimes are cursed with the genes passed on to us. If you inherited deep eye sockets, your circles may appear more exaggerated.

Aging doesn’t help the appearance of under-eye circles. The skin beneath our eyelids is fragile and delicate, which makes it prone to damage as we age. It would help if you always handled your skin tenderly, especially under your eyes. No pulling! Muscles that support the eye can weaken, allowing fat to migrate below the eye, causing puffiness to compound the problem even further. On the flip side, volume loss can cause hollowness, allowing shadowing that makes the area appear darker.

Lifestyle factors are also significant in the formation of dark circles. Lack of sleep dilates blood vessels around the eye area, making dark circles look more prominent. Proper hydration is essential, as dehydration contributes to excess fluid building up in the body, including under the eyes. Put down that third glass of wine! Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and high stress levels have all been associated with harmful health outcomes and wind up in our facial appearance.
You can do several simple things at home to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and under-eye puffiness. Cold compresses refresh the area around the eyes and reduce swelling. You can try a washcloth dipped in ice water, spoons stored briefly in the freezer, or even a bag of frozen peas. Cold slices of cucumber and tea bags also do the trick, as well as the little disc of gel made especially for soothing the eye area. Jade facial rollers or gua sha tools also promote lymphatic drainage. Vitamins, especially B-12 and folate, promote proper blood circulation. Still, insufficient levels can lead to poor circulation and blood pooling under the eyes, causing dark circles. Tweak your diet by eliminating or reducing processed foods and replacing them with antioxidant and vitamin-rich foods, such as those high in vitamins K and E, to promote a healthier and more radiant appearance.

These eye patches claim to eliminate dark circles, but I didn’t see a change. I did, however, find them soothing in addition to my weekly mask, so I’ll buy them again for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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