Splitting a Check at a Restaurant Without Being Unpleasant

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Sharing a meal with your family or friends should be enjoyable, whether in a burger joint or a fine dining establishment.

However, you can avoid the issue of splitting a check at a restaurant without being unpleasant with a few simple questions. Will the bill be split equally among everyone? Can one person pay and then request reimbursement from others? Will individual orders, such as beverages or appetizers, be taken into account? With three simple questions, handling the bill at a restaurant doesn’t have to be stressful. Let’s explore ways to split the bill without awkwardness and make dining a pleasant experience.

Discuss Check Arrangements Before Dinner

Planning before you begin the meal is a good idea to prevent uncomfortable check discussions. Make sure to clarify who will be having drinks, who won’t, who might not order Almas caviar, who will have Reindeer milk cheese, and so on. It’s better to sort these details out early instead of dealing with them after the meal. This should avoid creating embarrassing moments or hard feelings.

Inform Your Server About Separate Checks When You Order

When dining out and planning to split the bill, advising your server early on is important to side-step problems splitting a check at a restaurant. This allows them to keep track of individual orders and makes bill splitting much easier. If splitting the check is the goal, consider having one person cover the bill and then use a mobile payment service like Zelle or Venmo to settle with that person.

Be Considerate of Dining Companions

While splitting the bill, it’s important to be mindful of your dining companions’ preferences. For instance, if your girlfriend doesn’t drink, it’s not cool to make them chip in for everyone else’s drinks. You shouldn’t expect the birthday girl to cover the tab for her birthday celebration. Always show consideration for your dining companions, as it’s a key aspect of maintaining a pleasant dining atmosphere.

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