Feeding Baby Goats

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Hello Lovelies,

I get tickled when I watch those delightful Facebook videos of baby goats joyfully prancing around, playfully hopping on anything and everything in their path, even on other baby goats. I could imagine my delight in feeding baby goats. When Ollin asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday this year, I immediately said, “I want to feed the baby goats.”

So, on the last Sunday in June, at 8:30 a.m., we set off on our adventure to spend some time with these lively creatures. I couldn’t contain my excitement to hold and feed one of these spirited little animals as we arrived. I watched eagerly as the once calm field of goats began to stir, with the sounds of their bleating gradually building up, expressing a mix of hunger and excitement.

Suddenly, 40 baby goats of all different sizes came bounding through the gate. I knelt to welcome one little guy and was almost knocked over by three little ones, eagerly thinking I had a bottle of milk in hand for them. I managed to grab a bottle, roughly the size of a juice bottle for one, and before I knew it, it was swiftly consumed by the adorable baby goat standing right in front of me.

baby goat standing on bench

The morning was already steaming, and I wandered around to cuddle and pet some other animals, including the donkey and llama, for a brief time before the chaos of the animals, the heat, and the little kids overwhelmed Ollin and me. However, I did manage to hold a three-day-old baby for a bit. If you are a baby goat lover, I highly recommend it and would gladly do it again. It was a satisfying experience.

Little Goat Farm by the Lake

With a quick Google, I’m sure you will find goat farms in your area that offer the experience. We have so many nearby in Virginia. I went to The Little Goat Farm at the Lake, which offers¬†Goat Yoga and Baby Goat Petting and Feeding.

In the comments or by email, let me know if you decide to feed and snuggle with baby goats.

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