2024 Makeup Trends for Women Over 50 — Part 1

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Hello Lovelies,
I hear so many women of all ages tell me that they don’t know how to apply makeup, much less understand the 2024 makeup trends for women over 50. These days, women over 50 are lovelier than ever, even as beauty and fashion trends are wildly diverse. Makeup trends for the fabulous 50+ crowd this year are exciting and highlight the natural beauty of mature women with these chic and graceful styles. They feature everything from gorgeous shadows and lipsticks to flawless foundations. You’re going to love them!

Unforgettable Eyeshadow Collections

If you use eyeshadow, look for neutral, earthy tones, which are in style today. These sophisticated shades complement mature skin tones. Give matte finishes a go for a classic look, and get creative with cozy browns, gentle pinks, and elegant taupe shades. These shades intensify the green in my eyes since the color is not as bright as it once was, a situation many of us deal with.

Well-Defined Brows to Elevate Your Look

Experts have been telling us for years that eyebrows frame your face. I’ve always thought defining them is underrated, and many women have yet to take advantage of an easy beauty tip that can improve their appearance. Over the years, many women have wreaked havoc on theirs with plucking, shaving, and what-have-you. Fuller brows that maintain your natural arch are the latest trend.

Enhance your brows using a pencil or powder to fill in sparse areas, achieving a polished and natural look. Please don’t go too dark; it can give mature girls a harsh look.

2024 Makeup Trends for Women Over 50

Flawless Lips in Shades of Reds and Nudes

Beautiful lips are always a focus; this year, the colors are classics that lift the face. On days when I only wear lipstick, my whole face lights up.

Red lipsticks are timeless options, and the same goes for nude hues. Pick colors complementing your skin’s undertones, and select the creamier types to keep lips moist. Matte or satin finishes add a classy touch without being too much.

Beauty experts say any woman can wear red lipstick. It can be tricky to find the right color, but identifying the undertones of your skin and lipstick and how the two work together solves the problem. Then, could you figure out your skin’s undertone by looking at your wrist? If your veins look bluer or purple, then you have cool undertones. If they appear more green, then warm undertones are your thing.

Warm lipsticks are usually more orangey-red, while cool lipsticks tend to be more on the blueish side. So, if you’ve got warm undertones, opt for a warmer red lipstick (orangey-red) to complement your skin, and if you’ve got cooler undertones, those cool, blue-toned reds are the way to go.

Foundations For a Natural, Effortless Look

It’s all about letting go of heavy foundations and going for lightweight, breathable alternatives that are good for your skin. Beauty knows no age, and makeup gurus are embracing this idea for 2024. Foundations conceal imperfections and enhance skin with a creamy texture that’s easy to blend. 

Application Tip: Be sure to blend your foundation well tapering lighting into the hairline with fingertips or a sponge. The same goes for the jawline; blend, blend, blend to the neck. It’s easier to do when your foundation is not so many shades darker or lighter than your skin.

Your skin will glow by choosing a foundation with the same shade as your skin tone. Be sure it is of good quality and can be applied smoothly. Look for ones that prioritize hydration, luminosity, and anti-aging properties. For that youthful glow, try foundations with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

Remember the #1 Rule of Aging

Embrace your uniqueness and the beauty of aging! Spend a few minutes enhancing your beauty. You’ll feel so good, trust me! Beauty always stays in style so that these trends will highlight your natural grace and elegance.

Come back again for Part 2 and subsequent posts about how to apply.

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