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How to Look Your Best in Photos

How to Look Your Best in Photos

You know that sinking feeling you get after glancing at the photo someone just snapped of you? Your critical self leaps into action suggesting that it looks like you’ve added a few extra pounds since yesterday. And what’s that action going on under your neck? Or worse, where did your neck disappear to entirely?

So the next time that friend who insists on documenting every outing strikes, a few tiny little tweaks will vastly improve the way that keepsake turns out.

Aim a camera at anyone and it’s a fairly safe bet that most people stand straight on into the camera. This maneuver positions our widest self directly to the lens. Only stick thin models and children are perfectly happy with the way that look turns out. For the rest of us, slightly turning bodies 45 degrees to the camera will result in a much sleeker silhouette. Ladies, shifting your weight onto your back leg, and lightly resting hands with relaxed fingers onto your thighs works well.  Gents can shift as well, and place hands in jacket pockets for most pictures, or hook a thumb over a belt loop or jeans pocket for a less formal shot.

Good posture always looks better, and relaxed shoulders takes the tension out of the body. Drop your shoulder closest to the camera and lean in. Not so much that you look as if you’re about to huddle, just a touch will do.

Overcoming problems above the shoulders for everyone is as simple as relaxing them, lifting the top of the head up as if it were attached to a string. Sliding your chin forward and ever so slightly down tightens the jawline, and you will be amazed at the results this little movement produces. Adjusting your chin forward and down, elongates the neck and accentuate the jawline for a much improved final shot.

Don’t forget to smile with your eyes and make contact with the camera. A happy thought will light up those peepers, and a suggestion of a smile lifts the corners of your mouth just enough.

Finally, if you have any control whatsoever over the shot, have the camera aimed at or slightly above or below eye level, not at the forehead looking up. And you know those selfies I’m talking about.

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